Wallplex Kitchen Splashback

Instruction and Installation Guide

1. Take out the rolled-up kitchen splashback from the box.

2. Be careful when you unwrap the kitchen splashback as it takes its original shape once it is unfolded.

3. Remove the protective foil and check the size and design of your splashback.

4. If you need to cut or drill, you will have to re-lay the protective foil. Always use a jigsaw with thick teeth blades at its lowest speed. Always wear personal protective equipment! Video 

5. Use neutral cure silicone adhesive on the back side of the panel. Never use solvent-based adhesives!

6. Put the kitchen splashback on its place and smooth it from the bottom-up on the wall with even, moderate pressure.

kitchen splashbacks instruction

7. You’re done!

wallplex kitchen splashback manhattan


If you have any problem with the ordered product, you have 14 days after you receive the goods to inform us about it. If you would like to install the kitchen splashback at a later date, you have to remove the protective foil and check the product (you can re-lay the protective foil after checking the product). If you’ve sticked it onto the wall or made any modifications to the original product (cutting, drilling, etc) we will not refund you or exchange it. T&Cs



Wallplex splashbacks can easily be cleaned using just a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Never use abrasive cloths in order to avoid accidental scratches.


Important information!

Do not expose the Wallplex kitchen splashback to temperatures over 120°C.

In case of using the splashback behind a gas or electric hob, you must adhere to the general safety standards: keep 5-6 cm distance from the wall.