Installation of the Wallplex kitchen splashback

Cut and drill yourself 


  • DIY
  • Easy to fabricate 

Easy & Quick to Install

Heat-resistant up to 120°C

25+ designs

Create a modern kitchen with the Wallplex design kitchen splashback! 

The kitchen splashbacks can be applied to the kitchen wall with neutral cure silicone adhesive. You need to remove the protective foil from the splashback and stick it onto the desired place on your kitchen’s wall.

1. Take it out from the box


The product is rolled-up in the box, so be careful when you open the parcel it takes its original shape.


2. Remove the protective foil


Check your splashback if the size and design is the one you ordered. If you need to cut it, it’s advisable to re-lay the protective foil.

3. Use adhesive



Use neutral cure silicone adhesive on the back side of the panel.



4. Put it onto the wall



Spread the kitchen splashback buttom-up on the wall.



It’s done! Enjoy your stunning kitchen!

Product description
  • Unique appearance design
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Heat-resistant up to 120°C
  • Easy to clean with soap and water

Wallplex kitchen splashbacks are made of a high-quality 2mm thick hard plastic that is resistant to fire and breakage. It provides a quick alternative solution to tiles and it can create a stunning focal point in your kitchen which is unique to you and your family.

It has several advantages to glass splashbacks. It is very easy and quick to install and can be easily fabricated. Furthermore, this plastic is breakage-resistant, easy to clean and it is resistant to heat up to 120 degrees C, so it can be used behind a gas hob. It is lightweight and only 2mm thick.

If you need to adjust the original size of the panel to cut out the place of the socket please watch our videos here!